I need mental health support

How can MLC Life Insurance help

As an MLC Life Insurance customer, you can also access Mental Health Navigator for yourself and your immediate family, even if you haven’t made a claim. While it doesn’t replace your own doctor, it does provide virtual mental health support, delivered remotely so you can connect to a network of health specialists from home, including a dedicated mental health nurse. That can help give you extra certainty and clarity about your diagnosis and treatment plan, so you can recover faster.

Best Doctors

Best Doctors connects you and your family to a virtual network of medical specialists. While it doesn’t replace your own doctor, it does help answer your questions and give you more clarity, without leaving home.
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Mental Health Navigator

Mental Health Navigator connects you to a dedicated mental health nurse and a virtual network of clinical psychologists and psychiatrists, so you can get more information about your diagnosis and treatment plan.
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How we can help

Through COVID-19 and beyond, we've made our customers 'A promise for life'. As we navigate the changes happening every day, our customer service and claims teams are ready to support you.

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