Supporting healthcare workers

How is MLC Life Insurance supporting healthcare workers?

MLC Life Insurance supports and is part of the Financial Services Council’s COVID-19 Commitment to Frontline Healthcare Workers. Find out more about this commitment, and the answers to some FAQs from healthcare workers below.

What is the Financial Services Council’s COVID-19 Commitment to Frontline Workers?

The Commitment ensures that for healthcare workers, exposure or potential exposure to coronavirus will not of itself be used to:
  • decline an application for cover, or
  • charge a higher premium, or
  • apply a COVID-19 pandemic risk exclusion to any of the benefits offered.
The Commitment is subject to conditions and financiallimits. More information can found here.

I’m a healthcare worker with MLC Life Insurance cover already in place. Am I covered for COVID-19?

There are no specific exclusions for COVID-19 in any of our policies that would affect the way we assess claims. All healthcare workers are covered, just like our other customers.

I’m a healthcare worker who already has life insurance, but I want to increase my cover. How does the Commitment to Frontline Healthcare Workers apply to me?

The Commitment applies to the total amounts of cover you have, including both the cover being applied for and any existing individual and group insurance cover you have. More information on the limits can be found here. If you decide you want to go ahead with an increase to your cover, contact your financial adviser.

I’m a healthcare worker. How can I purchase life insurance coverage and take advantage of the Commitment to Frontline Healthcare Workers?

Life insurance is obtained via a financial adviser. The adviser will help you determine your insurance needs and support you through the application process. You will usually need to go through underwriting, which is where we find out information relevant to you and your application. It is at this point that the Commitment to Frontline Healthcare Workers applies, guaranteeing you will not be prevented from obtaining life insurance cover through exposure, or potential exposure, to coronavirus. Assistance in finding a financial adviser in your local area can be found at

Wellness services to help you through this difficult time

As an MLC Life Insurance customer, you can use these wellness services at no extra cost.

Best Doctors

Best Doctors connects you and your family to a virtual network of medical specialists. While it doesn’t replace your own doctor, it does help answer your questions and give you more clarity, without leaving home.
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Mental Health Navigator

Mental Health Navigator connects you to a dedicated mental health nurse and a virtual network of clinical psychologists and psychiatrists, so you can get more information about your diagnosis and treatment plan.
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How we can help

Through COVID-19 and beyond, we've made our customers 'A promise for life'. As we navigate the changes happening every day, our customer service and claims teams are ready to support you.

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